Bytes av: Farhan

byte Malmö mot Göteborg

Pris: 7553 kr 1 april, kl 17:22
Malmö, Skåne

kantatgatan 3   215 70

Apartment has two balkong, one glass covered to enjoy the sun even in winter and one open. Bus stop is with in 300 meters away. Direct bus goes to central station and a direct yellow bus goes to Lund in 30 mins. Best suited for anyone working/studying either in Malmö or Lund (LTH) or even Copenhagen

Nice greenery around the area, good for children with playing grounds, förskola, willys. IKEA and Hyllie/ Emporia are on 10 mins by bus. 20-25 mins to Copenhagen Airport.
Boyta 73 m2
Månadsavgift 7553 kr
Antal rum 3 rum
Önskemål & krav
Min avgift
Max avgift 9000 kr
Min boyta 65 m²
Max boyta 90 m²
Min antal rum 3
Max antal rum 4